My Fanbase.

Since the dawn of this blog in 2011, I have done at least 500 interviews and have integrated myself worldwide with tons of upcoming and present industry folk.

Here’s what some had to say about myself, and my work:

“Matt Horn works in overdrive to get interviews from actors in all the current films! If you want to know what’s going on in entertainment, Matt Horn will tell you!”

(Kevin Sizemore, actor, ‘Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon’, ‘Red Line’)

“Matt is an excellent journalist and blogger. He interviews with passion, and is a very likeable and personable guy. He has an eye for detail as well as the bigger picture and his reportage is always very accurate and truthful,  which often is a rare thing in this industry.”

(Mem Ferda, actor, ‘Pusher’, ‘The Devil’s Double’, ‘Ill Manors’)

“Delighted to have been an ‘interviewee’, wishing you the best Matt!”

(Karin Konoval, actress, Maurice the Orangutan in ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’)

“Hi, love this blog its absolutely brilliant. I love reading the interviews and then spotting the actors in their various movies. Excellent work!”

(Alastair Thomson Mills, actor, ‘The Wee Man’, ‘World War Z’)

“Matt has a bright future – he approaches his work with enthusiasm and a fresh style of interviews.”

(Jason Croot, actor, ‘Song Of King Solomon’, ‘Prose & Cons’, ‘Roberto’)

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