Milton González – (The Amazing Spider-Man – 2012).

I recently got the chance to talk to Milton González about his role in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. Here, Milton talks about how he got involved in the project and what it was like working with Andrew Garfield on-set…

Hey Milton. Thanks for talking the time out to talk to me about your role in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.

The plotline to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ focuses on Peter Parker finding a clue to help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Curt Connors, his father’s former partner.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the movie…

My character is named Rodrigo Guevera, and he is an intern at Oscorp. Peter Parker takes his badge to sneak into Oscorp and when my character actually goes to get his badge he is thrown out because security thinks he is trying to sneak in. Without my character Spider-Man technically wouldn’t have existed – (at least in this film lol). My character got slightly more attention than I thought. On a website called my scene was considered one of five funny moments in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. Also other reviews have mentioned my character which I thought was surprising due to how short my scene was. There were even two blogs that mentioned my character and how they felt bad – (or laughed about it) that Rodrigo got screwed. One was Oscorp.tumblr and the other was captaamericasbutt.tumblr – (don’t ask about that last one lol).

How did you get involved in the project in the first place?

Well I’ve been involved with acting for a few years now, so I go out on auditions a lot. My manager got me the audition and I went and got it. The casting director casted me before in a ‘Law And Order’ episode so between that and when I auditioned I felt that I was in the age range that they wanted best out of the other actors, plus they seemed not as Hispanic looking as myself. These factors gave me a confidence boost and when I actually auditioned I felt good about it so all in all it was a good audition. Then my manager gave me the call after a week or two and said I got the job and that’s how I basically clinched a spot in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.

How would you say this film is different and unique to the original trilogy?

The film sets itself apart from the other films mainly by different plot tweeks – (like how Ben Parker died, and Gwen Stacey being his girl, etc) and a focus on Peter Parker and his curiosity about his parents. Also Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man was really good, he wasn’t overly nerdy and was more of an outcast – (some argue the overly nerdy Tobey Maguire was more on point to the comic but I feel this Peter is a better version). This Spider-Man seems like it’s headed in a similar direction to the original but probably with darker tones.

The film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Irrfan Khan and Campbell Scott – with Marc Webb onboard as director – what was it like working with the cast and crew on-set? Any good anecdotes?

Well I actually only met Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Marc Webb out of the whole aforementioned cast. Andrew Garfield was a really cool guy, we actually chatted about the film and his past work and stuff. We even talked about other movies, his life, a little about my life so that was really cool. He could have just looked at me as just a day player that’s on set for a day and in the film for a few minutes. But he treated me like a fellow actor that was working like him. Maybe it’s because he’s young and has only done a few things but I’ll always remember he was nice to me. Emma Stone was another nice person. I actually didn’t recognize her like that because of her blonde hair, so I asked her if she was in certain movies because I didn’t want to go and just say: “Hey are you Emma Stone?” because I didn’t want to be wrong and offend her. Usually I’m really good with faces but I just didn’t want to be wrong. She was really nice and a little quirky, kind of like her character in ‘Easy A’.

Marc Webb was also very nice too – we didn’t talk much really but he did speak to me briefly about my scene. He helped me get into character better and I think he helped me get more comfortable with it. Honestly he probably could have told one of his assistants to just tell me how to do the scene so he could have concentrated on other things – (since it was a small scene) but the fact that he took some time out to sit with me and help me a little was something I thought was really cool.

Anecdotes wise, well there are a few things that went on that day that was interesting. One of them was when I was doing the scene on its own – which was pretty demanding. I basically lost my voice due to all the takes because I was yelling all the time. Actually the scene was played out in two different ways. The first way I practically fought my way in after they told me there is no badge for me then they would physically carry me out the door. Then Marc Webb wanted to change it to me just being dragged out. The two security guards were getting tired from picking me up so much, it was pretty funny.

Let’s talk a bit about you Milton. What made you want to get into the industry in the first place?

I wanted to be an actor since I was five, maybe younger. ‘Home Alone’ was the first movie that made me want to be an actor, when I was younger I used to imitate Macaulay Culkin. Through the years as I watched more movies and I wanted to be an actor even more. My mother knew this but she never had the money or knowhow to get it done. And between the lack of money, general knowhow, and cast of generally unsupportive friends in my life I kind of wanted it but didn’t take real steps. No drama clubs no plays or anything. Then when I was registering for college – (I went in for business, currently I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in finance), I heard on the radio about an open call for an acting program. My mother wrote down the info and we went on the day of the call. We went and I was a little nervous but they gave sides and I auditioned for it. They said I had a good look and I read the lines well enough that I can be a part of the program. So the program was classes and ways to approach auditions and agent/manager interviews so not only did they teach about acting but they also taught me about the industry as a whole. The program was called NUSTARS but I think they changed their name now, the director was Stephanie Pollenz and Brook Bundy was one of the main teachers at first – (eventually I had more teachers that were in the industry). The best thing about the program is that there showcases that you attend as well. You can audition in front of agents, managers, and casting directors. That’s where I got picked up by Shirley Grant management by Dave McKeon. I had two other managers wanting me too but I stuck to Shirley Grant due to their experience. I’ve been auditioning for stuff ever since I hooked up with them and have done commercials, shows, and now movies. I owe everything to NUSTARS and Shirley Grant for my success – (and of course my own talent lol).

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the industry?

For one you need tough skin and be able to handle rejection, if you can’t handle rejection find another industry to be in. Always try to hone your craft, any opportunity to go to a class or practice at home is good. I used to mute a movie and try to play the movie. Then I would try to recite the entire movie the best I could and get in character as the movie is going on. I would even try to cry on cue for the movies while I was watching or do the actions to the best of my ability. Learn about the industry extensively so you won’t get jerked around or so your rejection tolerance can get better. I’ve been on lots of auditions and only landed a handful. If I couldn’t handle rejection I would have quit already. I’m the type that always expects the worst and hopes for the best, this way I’m never really disappointed.

What’s is currently on your I-Pod right now?

Actually I don’t have an I-Pod. I had a Zune and lost it and now I’m just rocking with an I-Phone. But on my I-Phone I have a broad array of music. Like rap, salsa, rock, some techno, if its good music – (at least music I think is good) I will have it and listen. But my favourite stuff is salsa, reggae, reggaeton, and like 90’s rap are my general musical taste – (not that I don’t like current rap music it’s just I like the older stuff. It’s better than most of the new stuff on the radio).

If you could have dinner with three guests – (living or dead), who would you choose and why?

Wow that’s a good question. The thing is I could probably rattle 50 off the top of my head and probably 10-20 without pausing. But if I had to break it down to just three it would be Edward Norton, John Woo and my father. Edward Norton is my favourite actor and I would want to just talk to him about his experiences and how he approaches different scripts and just talk acting and possibly other things in his and my life. John Woo is one of my favourite directors and I would just want to ask him about how he shoots his films and how he comes up with the action sequences. I love his movies and he is one director which I feel has really changed the way people see action films. I see movies to this day and I’m like “that’s a John Woo thing” or “that’s a John Woo status scene or film”. I would cry if I was in a John Woo movie. Action movies are my favourite genre and its mainly because of him. The last is my father because he died when I was nine years old. So there are whole chapters of my life he missed. I would want to just talk to him about my life and ask him about his before he died. I just want to spend time with him.

On your off-days, how do you like to kick back and relax?

There are a few things I like to do on my off days. If I feel like being active I play sports like basketball, football, baseball etc – (I can play almost any sport) or I practice my parkour or free running stuff. If I feel like staying home I usually just watch movies, TV shows, or play video games. But usually I spend time with friends and we go to bars or drink at my house.

What’s coming up for you in 2012?

Honestly there really isn’t much, I’m just going to continue my career and keep on auditioning for stuff. I would like to try to gain a bigger role in future films and really make my mark in the industry. But there is a film I am in that will come out in 2012. It’s a film called ‘How To Follow Strangers’ by Chioke Nassor, its ultra low-budget and I have a small role as a thug who attacks one of the actors. I say a few lines and I have a close shot of myself so no one can miss me. It’s not going to be in many theatres but I’m suppose to go to the premiere when it shows (probably in a theatre in SoHo). Maybe my character in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ can make a cameo in future films, hopefully if someone thinks it’s funny enough to bring me back but I’m not going to get my hopes up. But if things don’t work out in the acting world I will try to do other things to remain in the industry like directing or writing. As long as I’m in the industry I will be happy.

Thanks for the interview!


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