Dominic ‘Taz’ Alexander – (21 Jump Street – 2012).

I recently got the chance to talk to Dominic ‘Taz’ Alexander about his role in ’21 Jump Street’. Here, Dominic talks about what it was like working with the cast and crew on-set and how he got into acting in the first place…

Hey Dominic. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me about your new film, ’21 Jump Street’.

No, thank you Matt, for inviting me here! It’s an honour and privilege to interview with you today.

What’s the general plotline surrounding the film?

Okay, so you have two socially and professionally inept best friends Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) that are police officers about to catch the axe off of the police force until they are reassigned to another unit, 21 Jump Street. Assignment : undercover high school students! They are looking for this dangerous drug “poised to go viral” and actually trying to find the source.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the movie…

I’m Lukas. I’m part of Domingo’s crew – Lukas is your typical gangster with a comedic twist…

How did you get involved in the project in the first place?

I became involved in the project through my talent agency, Proclaim, and auditioned for casting director Liz Coulon.

The film stars Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, DeRay Davis and Ice Cube – with Phil Lord and Chris Miller onboard as directors – what was it like working with the cast and crew on-set? Any good anecdotes?

IT WAS CRAZY MAN! Wow, non-stop laughter, practical jokes, all we did is clown around! On set and off set – we all had a blast! Not any good anecdotes I could let you tell your readers – you know, it was crazy, man!

Let’s talk a bit about you Dominic. What made you want to get into the industry in the first place?

Well, you probably have already done your homework and can tell by my apparel, I am a tattoo artist by trade. I had always wanted to be an actor – for a while, I just didn’t know how to get into the industry. But one day, my manager *who wasn’t my manager then* came in to my tattoo shop to get a tattoo, and me being me (of course) I started just running it. (Running it means – like acting a fool, being silly, and talking about being in movies, etc and wanting to be on television). Well, she said, that’s it? That’s all you wanna do? Well, hell, I can take care of that for you…and she did. So, to answer your question, I always, since childhood, thought about being on the big screen – but my manager assisted me in making it a reality – which makes me want it now – EVEN MORE!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into the industry?

First, TRAIN!!!! Training is essential. It’s not all about the look – it’s about how you use your words, your diction, your enunciation, your non verbal expressions. Those are a few of the things you will learn in acting classes or workshops. Second, DON’T GIVE UP!!! Third, surround yourself with people who support and believe in you. Because without them, success isn’t as sweet as it is with them.

What is currently on your I-Pod?

Just about every style of music – heavy metal, hard rock, acid rock, hip hop, rap, R&B, blues.  But as far as artists are concerned on my #1 play list: Jigga, Kanye, Wayne, YMC, and some undergrounders, Meek Mill, Yelawolf, and some others.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things could you not live without?

  1. Art supplies
  2. I-Phone
  3. Pasta and meat sauce

What is your favourite word?

(Laughing – it’s a curse word). But for political sake, my favourite word would have to be “Yea”.

What’s coming up for you in 2012?

I’ve got a lot going on in 2012 – to include the release of the movie ‘The Power Of Few’ that has a star-studded cast, including Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, Anthony Anderson and more. I just completed a movie the ‘Untitled Cody Diablo Project’. My television pilot, ‘King Of New Orleans’ which I can’t give any of the details on, will be shot mid-November 2012. I also am working with my manager and my production company on a couple of indie films – to be produced by me. These films will actually give opportunities to the local actors in the New Orleans market an opportunity to build up their resumes and give me the opportunity to be on the opposite side of the camera. I’ve also been cast in another pilot, ‘Under One Roof’, shooting in May 2012. I could go on and on, because I have a lot going on – really there’s a lot going on the south-east region as far as television and film for 2012.

Thanks for the interview!


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