Brandon Slagle – (Little Big Boy – 2011).

I recently got the chance to talk to Brandon Slagle about his role in ‘Little Big Boy’. Here, Brandon talks about what it was like working with the cast and crew on-set and what he believes is the most important invention of the last century…

Hey Brandon. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me. Of course we‘re here to talk to you about your role in ‘Little Big Boy’. 

What’s the general plotline surrounding the film?  

Friends and peers of filmmaker ‘Jimmy Duncan’ recount their experiences with him and what lead to his rise and eventual downfall.

How did you get involved in the project in the first place? 

Kim asked me to do the spot early in 2010.  He was pretty open to interpretation as far as characters go, so of course I appreciated that.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the movie… 

I am Don Holland, a megalomaniacal Aussie director who had a great impact on the lead character’s life. He is a bit eccentric (my favorite characters to play) and a bit out of his head in terms of ego and self-perception. He is basically someone who IS an important professional in his field, but has blown his own importance far out of proportion.

How would you say this film fuses both comedy and horror together? 

I would say the offbeat characters bring the humor – though much of it is told through their recounting of various events in the Jimmy Duncan character’s life – and of course we all know that we often remember things far more elaborately than they may have occurred, and entertainment industry related people, many of which are naturally prone to real-life dramatics, are particularly guilty of this.

The film stars Kim Sonderholm, your good self, Gry Bay and Monique Gata Dupree – what was it like working with the cast and crew on-set? 

My piece was shot by DP Daniel Lipski under specific instructions from Kim, and also featured Wolfgang Meyer and Adam Vargas. We had just completed the feature film ’15 Till Midnight’ which Wolfgang directed and I wrote, and we had all done multiple projects together, so it was quite comfortable. I believe our piece was shot on the same day we did various pick up shots for ’15 Till Midnight’.

Let’s talk a bit about you Brandon. What made you want to get into acting in the first place? 

It’s all I’ve really known my entire life. I started on stage when I was about six years old and have never looked away – unless you count my tenure as a band frontman, though you could probably consider that to be very much the same in a way. Though I suppose I should mention that one time, in a brief fit of frustration, I thought about being a CSI for about thirty seconds. I recently played one on the series ‘Criminal Minds’ so I guess in a way that came true. You could probably also say that Luke Skywalker and Han Solo also played a part in this as well since I’m from the original ‘Star Wars’ generation. I don’t remember a time where I was happy just observing film – I always yearned to be a part of it…

We should mention that you’re also a writer, director, composer and producer – do you find it’s a hectic lifestyle or have you managed to keep on top of things?  

Well the composing I’ve sort of stepped away from, since the recent score for the short film ‘cathARTic’. That aspect became something I no longer personally enjoyed doing, and I came to prefer the collaboration as opposed to being a singular entity in that regard. I should add that producing/directing has only really picked up recently. On each and every set I’ve been on as an actor – regardless of the size, I’ve always been one to observe what is going on around me, rather than retreat to the craft service table and mingle amongst my peers.

Directing was always a goal and it was a relatively natural progression with perhaps fewer growing pains than one would expect. 

Now and again I feel a bit overwhelmed, but it’s natural. For example recently we shot the “found footage” style science fiction film ‘Area 51 Confidential’ WHILE we were still editing ‘VIViD’ – which in turn delayed ‘VIViD‘s release, especially after the hype surrounding ‘Area 51 Confidential’ grew. It pained me to have to delay a film that had been hotly anticipated, but I suppose this is a rather frequent occurrence. You learn to live with it and move on – and it’s not like the film was going to sit stagnant forever.

You’ve been in a number of TV series and films – who has been your favourite actor to work with so far and which project has been your favourite to be a part of? 

Each and every actor – well, good actor – tends to bring something special and unique to the shared experience of working with them, but if I had to single individuals out, I would say – Michael Pare (great mutual energy), Charles Durning (need I explain?), Devanny Pinn, Rachel Grubb, Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman and Maria Bello. As far as projects? I will go out on a limb and say my own directorial project, ‘VIViD’ – because of the surge of creativity that poured from everyone’s hearts as they came together to pretend to not be of this world…so to speak…

What do you think the most important invention of the last century has been? 

Stem-cell research, though I suppose some naysayers may not consider it an invention. It’s unfortunate that something so beneficial can be so controversial – at least stateside. I’m not sure how the opinion of it is out in your neck of the woods.

What’s coming up for you in 2012?

There isn’t much else major coming up, aside from a charity blood drive in Hollywood that Devanny Pinn and I are hosting – – guests include Derek Mears, Kevin Tenney, and a few others TBA. 2012 should bring the dark comedy/horror feature ‘Room And Board’ from Julia & BJ Davis, which I’m in with Kane Hodder, Brooke Lewis and Robert Loggia to name a few. I am directing another feature, ‘Nebulus’, which is a sci-fi/action film set on a barren planet that mankind is attempting to colonize after – to put it simply – we destroy Earth. There is also another action film I am appearing in, but details are pretty hush hush so far. I’m sure more will develop as time goes on…

Thanks for the interview!


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