Anna Colwell – (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – 2012).

I recently got the chance to talk to Anna Colwell about her role in ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’. Here, Anna talks about what it was like working with the cast and crew on-set and which three guests she would invite to dinner…

Hey Anna. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me about your new film, ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’.

What’s the general plotline surrounding the film?

Josh’s character, Sean is a rebel and a bit of a troublemaker who doesn’t get along with Dwayne’s character, Hank. When Sean’s grandfather (Michael Caine) goes missing, they have to team up to go search for him on a mythical island. Then, the adventure ensues!

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the movie…

I play a police officer named Jessica. I appear after Josh’s character, Sean causes a little trouble in the neighborhood.

How did you get involved in the project in the first place?

It was a typical audition process. Originally, my character was completely different though, she wasn’t even a cop. So, when my agent called to tell me I got the part, I was surprised to learn how much the character had changed. However, I was excited to do something new, I’ve certainly never played a cop before!

How would you say this film is different and unique?

For me, it was very different. I’d never shot anything in 3D, so it was cool to see how the director maximized the 3D effect by using different and interesting angles. The more technology advances the bigger and more realistic fantasy adventure movies become, its exciting!

The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, Josh Hutcherson, Luis Guzman, Vanessa Hudgens and Kristin Davis – with Brad Peyton onboard as director – what was it like working with the cast and crew on-set? Any good anecdotes?

Everybody was really nice! It’s unsettling for me when I walk onto a set that has a lot of negative energy, a lot of shouting, stress and angst. Fortunately, ‘Journey 2’ was a positive and fun work environment. Brad’s very sweet! He’s such an open, easy and exciting director to work with. I think a positive, relaxed director and set will bring the best out of the actors and the crew.

Let’s talk a bit about you Anna. What made you want to get into the industry in the first place?

I was a very strong-willed child, I knew what I wanted to do very early on. Where my passion and desire came from, I’ll never know! I don’t even have family in this industry. So, I was lucky that my parents were supportive from the beginning and facilitated me in making my dream come to fruition.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into the industry?

Know that this business is a lot of smoke and mirrors, don’t allow your common sense to be clouded by your drive to succeed. The first step is to invest into some classes or an acting coach, then find a great agent. Do your research prior, so you can maximize your investment. Talk to working actors who have already tasted a little success and know the business well. Lastly, if you don’t believe in yourself, how do expect anyone else to believe in you? Confidence is key!

You’ve been in a large number of different films and TV projects – which actors/actresses have been your favourites to work with so far and why? Any good stories?

Wow, its hard to say, I’ve been so lucky to work with so many people! I have to say, Tom Selleck was amazing. He’s very open and nice. It’s always a nice surprise when you meet someone who’s been around for so long and is still so friendly and grounded. Ryan Reynolds was also a pleasant surprise. Sometimes, when you have a smaller role in a project, the lead actors can be dismissive, but Ryan wasn’t at all. He even jumped out of his car when he was leaving a set to run over and say goodbye to me after I wrapped, he’s just so genuine. Kris Kristofferson was so fascinating, his first love is music. I’m a huge music lover myself, so it was so much fun just sitting and listening to Kris’ stories. Josh Hutcherson is very cool, pretty much the guy next door, so humble and sweet.

If you could have dinner with three guests – (living or dead), who would you choose and why?

  • My paternal grandfather, I never had the chance to meet him, he died when my Dad was young.
  • Walter Payton, he raised the level of expectation for running backs forever, plus I’m a huge Chicago Bears fan!
  • Sandra Bullock, I think she’s made really smart career choices as an actress, maybe I could absorb some of her charisma through osmosis!

What is your favourite word?

Love. I know that sounds silly, but its true! ‘Love’ automatically takes me to a happy place, I think of my family and close friends.

What’s coming up for you in 2012?

I have a recurring role on the show ‘The Game’. My first episode has already aired, but I’m in several other episodes this season, including the season finale. I also shot a part in the series finale of ‘One Tree Hill’, airing in April. Memorial Day weekend. Look out for me in the mini-series ‘Coma’, I think it’s going to be really really great!

Thanks for the interview!


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