Allen Williamson – (Abduction – 2011).

I recently got the chance to talk to Allen Williamson about his role in Taylor Lautner’s new film, ‘Abduction’. Here, Allen talks about how he got involved in the project and what is currently on his I-Pod…

Hey Allen. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me about your new film ‘Abduction‘.

What’s the general plotline surrounding the film?

Taylor Lautner plays Nathan, a high-school student who finds out that his whole world was a lie, setup to protect him from his parents connection with counter intelligence. During a class project, he discovers his face on a missing persons site – the connection triggers a manhunt that bring him and his new girlfriend into a world they hadn’t imagined.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the movie…

I play Billy, the boyfriend of Karen. Karen is Nathan’s long-time crush and neighbour that he never has the courage to talk to. Billy is basically a jerk to Karen as well as Nathan. When Nathan manages the courage to say “Hello” to Karen at a party, Billy starts to pick a fight. Later, Nathan notices Billy and Karen having a nasty break-up outside of her home.

How did you get involved in the project in the first place?

A slightly rigorous audition process. An agency that I had done several projects with before was given the opportunity to help cast this film. It started with an audition submission by tape and then various follow-up callback auditions. I was never told I had actually landed the role. I just started getting phone calls and e-mails from the company asking for my sizes and to fill out forms.

How would you say this film is different and unique to other thrillers?

This thriller has a little bit more of an appeal to a younger audience as the central characters are mostly regarded in the teen world. It has lately been regarded as a type of Jason Bourne film for an up and coming generation. Older people seem to love it as well. It involves a lot of family issues interwoven throughout the plot as well as a cast of some incredible long-standing actors and actresses.

The film stars Taylor Lautner, Sigourney Weaver, Lily Collins, and Alfred Molina, with John Singleton onboard as director – what was it like working with the cast and crew on-set?

They were surprisingly more down to earth than most people I’ve met. On off time, Taylor and I played video games and tossed a football. Lily and myself caught ourselves dancing and singing together in between takes. I would absolutely love to work with John again. He’s very encouraging and was trying to tempt me to move out to LA. Haha. Much of the cast introduced themselves to me before I had a chance to go up to them!

Let’s talk a bit about you Allen. What made you want to get into acting in the first place?

I always had a desire for expression and to entertain, but felt too shy to do it. That is until a class project forced each student to enter ourselves into a competition, which I won and then proceeded to win in each region. After that, I couldn’t get enough. It feels less like a chore now and more like using yourself as a paintbrush to help inspire an audience and bring smiles to faces.

You’ve been in a number of different TV series’ and projects – who has been your favourite actor/actress to work with so far and which project has been your favourite to be a part of?

I don’t know if I have a favorite actor/actress to have worked with. There has not yet been a negative experience with anyone, at least for me yet. After a few days you tend to appreciate the originality and newness each person brings with them. I believe my favourite project to have been a part of so far is a new indie film called ‘Undaunted’. Not yet released. It’s the true account about the life of an author who had to overcome an extremely difficult past. I play the author, and it really stretched me as an actor to have to reach extreme emotions.

What is currently on your I-Pod right now?

Oh wow haha let me check…Carla Bruni, L.M.F.A.O., Beatles, Panic at the Disco, Michael Jackson. I’m really open to anything that is melodic or you can dance to.

What is your favourite beverage / food?

I haven’t yet found a food I don’t like. Anything with avocado. Also, the spiciest stuff I can find. Beverage, I’m a water drinker.

What’s the most interesting / funniest piece of news you’ve heard in the last month or so?

In the gym I saw about how animals have been jumping into professional ball games lately – squirrels, cats, a goat. Oh and also about the little boy who helped stopped a burglary in Istanbul. That was an amazing show of courage on the part of that little fellow.

What’s coming up for you in 2011/12?

No big current projects at the moment. I just recently filmed a local commercial for Pittsburgh and I will be in Maryland filming an episode for the Discovery Channel where I will be playing a true account of a man who was manipulated into becoming a killer. This next month, I will be meeting up with a few new talent agencies. I’m basically just excited to see where things will go from here!

Thanks for the interview!


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