Ehrin Marlow – (Crazy, Stupid, Love – 2011).

I recently got the chance to talk to Ehrin Marlow about his role in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’. Here, Ehrin talks about his role as an extra in the film and what is currently on his I-Pod right now…

Hey Ehrin. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me. Of course we‘re here to talk to you about your new film ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love‘.

What’s the general plotline surrounding the film?

It revolves around a family dealing with divorce and kids falling in love. And the general craziness that surrounds people and what they will do for love.

How did you get involved in the project in the first place?

I was hired as an extra, playing one of Emma Stone’s colleagues sitting at her table for the two scenes when she is with Josh Grobin’s character. On the first day of shooting, they sat me on the end of the table. I had read the shooting script for that day and realized that this was the seat where Emma Stone was going to grab a drink. I thought, cool, maybe I will actually get some screen time. Then everything was ready and the cameras were rolling, shooting the master shot. Emma Stone and Josh Grobin are doing the scene and Emma Stone turns to grab my drink, and starts a short, but fun, conversation with me about my drink. All of this came as a complete surprise to me because it was not in the script and I had no idea she was going to talk to me but I responded naturally with simple dialog. At first I was afraid that the directors would tell me not to talk because I was only hired as an extra, but long story short they kept doing it over and over again and even got a close up shot of me saying my lines. And it made the final cut of the movie.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the movie…

My title is Hanna’s college #4; because I was supposed to be just an extra. All we were told about our characters was that they were law school students. While filming I had fun with the role, texting on my phone.

An IMDB reviewer, ‘DonFishies’ has said – ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love. is one of, if not the best, American romantic comedies of the past decade’ – would you say this is accurate? How is it different and unique?

Most romantic comedies are about two people falling in love, and while that does happen in this film, the film starts with two people getting divorced. I think the reason that the film is so unique is that there are so many different characters in various states of love, infatuation, romance, and the audience can identify with all of these characters young and old.

The film stars Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, and Emma Stone, with Glenn Ficarra and John Requa onboard as directors – what was it like working with the cast and crew on-set?

To be honest I didn’t ever get to work with Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, or Julianne More, however I can say that Emma Stone was very professional, spontaneous and funny at the same time. I also got to know Josh Grobin on set and can tell you that he has a great sense of humour. The directors were great I’m glad they decided to keep me in the film.

Let’s talk a bit about you Ehrin. What made you want to get into acting in the first place?

It may sound cheesy but I can’t imagine doing anything else. Acting has always been extremely exciting for me; and I always feel like acting is like being a kid again and just playing. Remember when you were a kid and you just played and what ever you said was true? Acting gives me that joy I felt as a child.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into the industry?

Acting, as fun as it may be is hard work. So if you really want to do it then be prepared to work harder than you could ever imagine.

What is currently on your I-Pod right now?

I have a serious music addiction. I love good music. Some stuff that I have recently played: Vampire Weekend, Adele, Coldplay, Rage Against The Machine, Britney Spears, and even some Phil Ochs.

If you could have a dinner with three historical guests, living or dead – who would you choose and why?

  • Steve Jobs – because I would want to know how he thinks up such amazing products.
  • Gandhi – because I think he was a cool dude.
  • Charlie Kaufman – he’s not really a historical figure but I just think that our minds are a lot alike.

What has been the most interesting piece of local / national news you’ve heard in the last month?

All of these crazy GOP debates are freaking me out.

What’s coming up for you in 2011/12?

I have a one man show that I am working on that will go up in the Spring – check out my website for more details,, and meanwhile I will be auditioning for various projects the rest of this year.

Thanks for the interview!


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