Nick Holmes – (Super – 2010).

I recently got the opportunity to talk to Nick Holmes about his role in Rainn Wilson’s new movie ‘Super’. Here, Nick talks about how he got involved in the project and about his comedy online blog…

Hey Nick. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me about your new film ‘Super’. It looks fantastic.

What’s the general premise around the film?

‘Super’ is about an everyday sad-sack of a human called Frank, played by Rainn Wilson, who loses his recovered drug addict wife, played by the foxy Liv Tyler, to her drug dealing ex-boyfriend Jacques (Kevin Bacon). Frank tries to convince her to return and gets his ass kicked by Jacques’ henchmen (Sean Gunn, Steven Blackehart and Michael Rooker). In the wallowing aftermath, Frank experiences a hallucination/miracle where he feels called upon by God to become a super-hero and with the aid of a sadistic comic book store clerk, deliciously portrayed by Ellen Page, he sets about righting the world with a skewed sense of justice and a pipe wrench.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the movie…

My character’s name is Jim, who is a slightly gender confused sidekick to the Christian super-hero Holy Avenger played by Nathan Fillion. The Holy Avenger appears on television multiple times throughout the film and is a continuous catalyst for the main character Frank. Jim is in the throes of recent pubescence, isn’t much of an actor, and is very excited by the padding on the Holy Avenger costume. There are some fantastic outtakes with Nathan and I that I hope make the DVD – even if it shames my parents.

How would you say this film is different to say ‘Kick Ass’ – (kind of the same idea – e.g. comedy fused with superheroness)….?

Suffice to say – ‘Super’ is different. The similarities to ‘Kick Ass’ stop at the regular-Joe-becomes-a-crime-fighter angle; whereas that may seem the whole premise of the film, ‘Super’ is really about a normal person reaching for the extraordinary in himself. The crass and ultra-violent backdrop of a costumed crime fighter is just a landscape to a revealing human story. …it will also shock and entertain you with some bitchin’ “I WISH I COULD DO THAT” moments too. This film won’t appeal to everyone and it wasn’t made to. It’s genre indefinable and I love it.

How did you get involved in the project in the first place?

James Gunn is a friend of mine and when he revived the project, (as it’s a script he wrote years ago), I read it and wanted to be in it anywhere I could. James likes to hire his friends but won’t just hand you something he’s not sure you’re right for – it’s something I respect and hate about him. So I auditioned – I sent him audition tapes while he was in pre-production in Louisiana. Tapes – being plural, because he kept giving me adjustments and asking for different things. In the end – I didn’t get that part (of Ellen Page’s boyfriend) and he instead offered me the role of Jim. It was great for me because I also know Nathan and also Mikaela Hoover (who plays sexy Holy Avenger sidekick Holly) and we shot our portion of the film in Los Angeles instead of Louisiana. I wasn’t surprised when he told me, after I had accepted the role, that it would require I shave my chest and wear bondage gear.

The film stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler – what was it like working with them on-set?

I filmed all of my scenes in Los Angeles after the main production in Louisiana had wrapped – so I never spent any time on set with the main cast. All the reports from every cast and crew member I spoke to was that everyone was terrific to work with. They all came to work on the project for scale pay because they loved the script – a wonderful gift for a film with a low-budget.

If you could be a superhero for a day, who would it be and why?

Not Superman, because he’s an only child and I already know what that’s like. Not Spiderman – they’re having too many problems with the musical. Maybe Captain America because I hate Nazis.

Let’s talk a bit about you Nick. What made you want to get into acting in the first place?

I have unresolved childhood anger and it’s the most torturous way to get attention. Actually, movies, to me, are the most wonderful pieces of art. I like story telling very much and that lead to my childhood experiences in the theatre – later to my interest in pursuing a career in Los Angeles. That along with my immense good looks and repressed self hate.

What has been the most interesting piece of local / national news you’ve heard in the last month?

On topic, I just read a story about two guys in England that are dressing up as super heroes and patrolling their neighborhood – but they can’t find any crime. Their names are Dark Spartan and The Black Void. One is a comic book store employee and the other has irritable bowel syndrome.

We should mention that you have set up a funny blog online – in your mind – what is the best way to gain a continuous interest for a blog, or a YouTube channel – to make the hits go higher and higher? How successful have you been with that?

My blog is called “Nick Holmes Is The Most Attractive Man I Have Ever Slept With.” and it’s nice of you to say it’s funny. It’s got a substantial following thanks largely to Twitter and a celebrity fan base. I think my blog is successful because it’s my taste – I don’t post things because I think people will find it funny (often they don’t). That singular voice and posts that are able to be viewed/digested/enjoyed quickly make it, in my opinion, a likable place to visit. Cheers me up everyday.

Who has been your favorite actor to work with so far, or who has given the best advice to you?

Tough call – I have had such excellent work experiences with very wonderful actors it’s difficult to say. Though I will single out a short film I did with fellow Gilmore Girls alumni Tanc Sade and Alan Loayza called “Two Straws” that was such intense fun. I felt like we were the Rat Pack. I did meet Sidney Poitier recently and, after I told him his wife was hot, he said to me “Good luck”. After getting to know the business a little better you start to realize that’s more a piece of advice than a well wish.

What’s coming up for you in 2011? I hear you’re in post-production on a number of sweet looking projects…

I just did a film in Detroit called ‘The Giant Mechanical Man’ starring Jenna Fischer and Chris Messina – written/directed by Lee Kirk. It’s a beautiful love story about a stilted street performer and a lost soul that find each other when neither of their lives make sense. I also wrote a book of poetry, that’s right, that I’m hoping to publish by the end of the year. Dig it.

Thanks for the interview!


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