Darcus Howe – BBC News Interview About The London Riots…

I found this on YouTube this morning – obviously the UK is full of news coverage right now of the riots that have been going on around the country since last week. I will be writing a blog soon about this – but for now, check out this video. As much as this interview goes wrong, you can’t fault Darcus’s logic.


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  1. Guest Speaker
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 10:24:02

    In reference to the presenter’s accusations – Mr Howe was a member of The Black Panthers back in the 70s and as such attended demonstrations. At one he was “arrested and tried for riot, affray and assault. He was acquitted after a trial at the Old Bailey.”

    This little gem appears to have slipped through the researcher’s fingers. To say that he is ‘no stranger to riots’ is like saying that everyone who has ever attended a peaceful demonstration where others have caused havoc, or anyone who has stood and watched as a riot has taken place in front of them, is ‘no stranger to riots’.

    Where is the BBC’s apology for this slur on Mr Howe’s character?


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