Vancouver, Riots, And The Kissing Couple….

Take a look at the above photo. It’s pretty romantic isn’t it?

Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas are their names – and they are the world’s newest viral on the internet.

How did this photo come about, I hear you ask? Well, Vancouver had just lost the finals in the Stanley Cup that night to Boston and the riot police were sent to sort out the angry and violent citizens. In short, these two were pretty much thrown to the floor by the riot police, and seconds later – Rich Lam from Getty Images managed to take this photo.

In hours, people on Facebook and Twitter all across the world were asking – “Who are they?” and dubbed Scott a ‘riot Romeo’.

Since then, the global exposure for the both of them has been massive and is now worth $10 million. They are being invited to have dinner with ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair later on this month and have appeared on NBC Today and ITV’s Daybreak.

Max Markson, a well known celebrity guru – has been appointed as their agent and believes that this could be a great opportunity for Mr Jones’ career – ‘I think for Scott it’s a tremendous opportunity for him to springboard his acting and stand-up comedy’, adding that there is an ‘obvious commercial opportunity’.

My view – “Get a room!”

No, but seriously – it just goes to show how one small moment can create such a big opportunity. I hate to say this – but there should be more of this and less of stuff like ‘Big Brother’…


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