Leicester Zombie Apocalypse – 18th June 2011.

On Saturday 18th June, at 12pm, Leicester was plunged into darkness as a large group of 100 young students moved slowly across the city – dressed as zombies.

This event happened as a result of a news story recently being reported by the Leicester Mercury and BBC News – where an anonymous member of the public asked Leicester City Council whether they were prepared for the threat of a zombie apocalypse – to which the answer was ‘No.’

James Dixon, 26, who organised the event said – “One word sums this whole thing up for me. Whoops. I originally started this event on Facebook as an excuse to get my friends together for a quick meet up dressed as zombies – in wake of the recent news story. And then of course people told their friends, etc. I wasn‘t expecting this many to turn up.”

Miniclip.com provided a few make-up artists on-site to change passers by into zombie-like figures, and then when everyone was ready, the undead made their way from the Clock Tower to New Walk, stopping past a wedding and even going through a local bookstore.


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  1. Concerned Citizen
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 13:07:09

    I am the one behind the original FOI request. I am shocked at the public reaction and how it has been taken up. It has been amazing to discover googling around. Do you know how i can get in touch with James Dixon, the fella behind the zombie day?


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