Laura Michelle Cleary – (Got To Run – 2011).

I recently got the chance to talk to Laura Michelle Cleary about her role in ‘Got To Run’. Here, Laura talks about the film, what her favourite UK landmark is and how she got into acting….

Hey Laura. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me. ‘Got To Run’ will be coming out in selected cinemas on 14th June 2011. What’s the general plotline surrounding the film?

‘Got To Run’ is about a girl, Sarah, who is fed up with her boyfriend and the way he treats her and is fed up with her job. She sells lingerie for a living, however her real passion is running. Whilst away working as a travel sales woman, she meets a bar tender who tells her ten places in the UK that she has to see! Fed up with her job she decides to change her plan and go to all these places and run. Whilst on her journey she finds out things about herself and her life and changes things for the better.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the film…

I play the part of Collette. A French woman based in Bristol who owns a lingerie shop at a time when business is hard. Sales are not going well. Sarah is a client of mine and comes to my shop to sell me lingerie.

From the outset, what was it about the film that made you want to become part of it?

I have worked with Robbie (the director) before and Palm Tree Films. When they offered me the role I jumped at the chance of getting to work with them again. Also, what drew me to the film was the chance to get to work in a French accent and getting to be in a film that shows off how much beautiful scenery there is in the UK.

From the trailer, it looks like the film is shot in a variety of different UK locations – what is your favourite UK city, town or landmark and why?

London is without question my favourite UK city. I am a born and bred Londoner and I love it! It’s the history, the atmosphere, the architecture and most importantly it’s where my family and friends are! Having said that, a lot of the film is also shot in Scotland and I recently had the chance to visit Ackergill near Wick – that was also a breathtakingly beautiful UK landmark, one of my favourites.

Let’s talk a bit about you Laura – what made you want to get into acting in the first place?

I’ve always been involved in acting from a young age, doing TV and print commercials and in school plays. I’ve always been the theatrical type loving the spotlight! One of the main things I love about being an actor is getting the opportunity to learn so much. Every time you play a different character you need to learn about the profession and psyche of that character in order to become the character on stage or on screen and that in itself to me is fascinating. You get to learn and read so much for every character you portray. And you get paid to play dress up in a make-believe world, what could be better than that!

What advice would you give to UK actors trying to get into the industry?

I would suggest that they train at a prestigious acting school or get the best training available to them. Learning how to act is so essential – you can never stop taking classes. Then once they’ve done that, do showcases or get a show reel and market yourself. Get an agent and try to be seen by as many casting directors and producers as possible.

What does a Laura Michelle Cleary day usually consist of?

Well it depends whether I am shooting something, rehearsing for a play or auditioning for new jobs. I currently live and work as an actor in NYC so if I’m not on a set filming or going to the studio to rehearse, I wake up fairly early, and work out at the gym or take a dance or yoga class. Then I may have about two or three auditions per day for big brand TV adverts , print campaigns or off-Broadway plays. A couple of days a week I also teach children acting and musical theatre and during evenings if I’m not performing in a play, I usually go to the theatre anyway! Mostly to watch ‘Improvisation’ at the prestigious UCB comedy theatre where a great many stars have come out of.

You’ve been in a number of shorts and indie projects – how important do you think the indie industry is nowadays?

It’s very important. I personally think indie films encourage good script writing. An indie film has to have a great script as it doesn’t have the budget to have things such as A-list stars, expensive effects and distractions.

What’s coming up for you in 2011?

I am continuing to work here in NYC. I am currently starring in some commercials here in the US. And am starring in a new web series out in July where im playing ‘Carrie’ in a ‘Sex in the City’ spoof. I have a number of off-Broadway shows that I am in talks about doing in Autumn and then at the end of the year I may be back in the UK filming another couple of indie films. So keep your eyes out!!

Thanks for the interview!


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