Sondra Currie – (The Hangover: Part II – 2011).

I recently got the chance to talk to Sondra Currie about her role in ‘The Hangover: Part II’. Here Sondra talks about the film, what a Sondra Currie day consists of and what’s coming up for her in 2011….

Hey Sondra. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. ‘The Hangover: Part II’ is going to be released in UK cinemas next week. What is the general premise around this instalment?

Honestly, no secrets are allowed out Expect an even wilder version!

You were in the original ‘Hangover’ in 2009 – how does your character develop over the course of this film?

You’ll understand a little bit more about the relationship I have with Alan (Zach) in H2…I’m in there for continuity mostly. Hopefully they’ll develop my character more in H3.

Do people have to watch the original ‘Hangover’ in order to understand what’s going on?

You can come on board with this one and have just as good a time, though by the end you’ll probably want to see #1.

Are you recognised in the street as Linda?

Occasionally, yeah.

What do you think it is about ‘The Hangover’ that makes it so popular?

The wild abandon and outrageous humor displayed. It’s really escapist faire and Todd’s the master at play. My own 86-year-old mother laughed at the original till she cried!

Do you think there could be a ‘Hangover: Part III’?

Fingers crossed!! It obviously depends on the success of H2.

Let’s talk about you Sondra. What made you want to get into acting in the first place?

My mother was an actress and started me very early with dancing lessons, modeling and acting. She instilled the love of the art in me and I just had no choice.

You’ve had a career spanning a good 40 years. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into the industry?

If you have a passion and feel you can’t or won’t do anything else…then commit to this. One really needs to love it almost beyond anything else, at least when you start. Develop your gifts, do theatre, see films – (especially from the great directors), see plays, read, go to museums and develop a keen observation of everything. And study, study, study and continue to study. It’s a roller coaster ride and exhilarating, though I must say I’m loving the craft now more than ever. Forget about the word rejection too…personally, it’s not in my vocabulary. And celebrate every day.

What does a Sondra Currie day usually consist of?

My husband just said I’d better take a couple of hours to answer this one If I’m not working, taking meetings or auditioning, I go to acting classes at the Actors Studio on Mon, Wed. and Fri. I have a trainer on Tues. and Thurs. And I take singing lessons from Sue Raney. I take dance whenever I can as well. I belong to SHARE, which is a woman in entertainment charity benefiting children with mental and physical challenges. I’ve been in the organization since ’93. My husband, director Alan J. Levi, and I have a production company called Lumina Entertainment Ltd. and are in development on several projects. I serve on the Board of the Calif. Independent Film Festival and also was the first woman judge at our sister festival in Sapporo, Japan. And I’m a big Francophile, so I’m studying French. We leave for France in June this year. I feel it’s truly one of most beautiful places for inspiration. I’m always exploring! I’m very close to my family and try to spend as much time as possible with them, particularly my Mom. I love photography and am pretty good at it. And I love to grow roses!

You’ve had guest roles in some very popular TV series – which has been your favourite to work on and why?

I’ve had many favorites. ‘Magnum’ and ‘Columbo’ certainly rank high up on the list. ‘The Cosby Mysteries’….it was great to work with Bill, he really keeps an actor on their toes! I love doing three camera shows, so the ‘3’s Companys’, ‘Golden Girls’, ‘Cheers’ etc. were wonderful. The process in TV is different now and not as personal, so you don’t seem to get to know your fellow artists in the same way as before.

What’s coming up for you in 2011?

I’ve got several projects in development and I’d love to join an ongoing series as part of an ensemble, that’s the best way to work w/o having to go through all the casting headaches. I’ll probably do a play in the fall, if the timing can be worked out. And I’m looking to work with Alan soon again. Other than that, I’m loving everyday and reminding myself how very lucky I am!

Thanks for the interview!


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