Rob Oldfield – (World Of The Dead: The Zombie Diaries – 2011).

I recently got the chance to talk to Rob Oldfield about his role in ‘World Of The Dead: The Zombie Diaries’. Here, Rob talks about the film and how he would spend his last days on Earth if there was a zombie invasion….

Hey Rob, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. Obviously we’ve got you here to talk to you about your role in ‘World Of The Dead: The Zombie Diaries’. What is the general plotline around the film?

Well the film follows a group of people – ‘mostly the military’ – and how they are surviving months after the initial outbreak that is established in ‘Zombie Diaries’ at the start of the film. The group is not only under threat from the undead but also a gang of unlawful thugs as well.

Tell us a bit about the character you play in the film.

Well I play the part of Nick Jones, he is a military photographer who feels it is important to document the journey. You could say that he’s the viewpoint of the audience, especially as he’s the one filming what they will see.

How would you say this film differs from other zombie related films like, say ‘Resident Evil’ or even recently released indie film ‘Zombie Undead’?

Well this film is shot with a documentary approach. As a result it’s possible to feel the energy and pace more. Also by the camera being acknowledged and accepted, there’s the consciousness that standard cinematic films can’t achieve.

I’ve heard talk that there’s a sequel in the works – what can you say about it? Are you involved?

I haven’t been spoken to about acting in any sequels so I can’t really say.

If 99% of the population turned into zombies and you were with a band of people – how would you spend your last days on Earth?

It sounds pretty lame but as a mega zombie fan, I have had nightmares about that kind of situation, and all this ‘beat them on the head’ stuff would actually be pretty hard work. I’m sure it would take a damn hard pounding to stop a zombie, let alone hoards of them. I would probably take the same kind of approach as in ‘Dawn of the Dead’: I would find a shopping mall or beautiful hotel to use as a home and try to enjoy what was left. And of course spend the rest of my existence creating a cure 😉

Let’s talk about you Rob. What made you want to get into acting in the first place?

I love films! And I always will. I suppose after many years of dreaming about this kind of career, I realized that I could somehow get into it if I wanted to. I love the idea that there is a team of people always behind the camera, when on-screen it looks like say, one person alone in a room!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pursue a career in acting?

You can find casting forums online that have casting breakdowns (listings for actors needed and for what roles) – some of these breakdowns, often student films, don’t request actors that have lots of experience, for example it might be for someone in the background – but it is a way to get some time on set and see how it all runs. Other castings might be ‘non-dialogue’ so this would be a good next step, as you won’t even have to speak. After being on a set in front of the camera a few times you would probably have the confidence to audition for a speaking part! After a while you will be getting parts in loads of things. Don’t forget! You can always write things and film them with your friends to get things going. And its great fun!

You’ve done a lot of shorts. How important do you think the indie-film-making arena is in this day and age?

Acting in short films is the way that I’ve gained most of my early experience and kind of trained myself. I have always wanted to be in films so the best way to train is to be in as many film projects as possible. As they’re often quick to make, you get the chance to have different things on your show-reel, but most importantly you get to monitor the acting you are doing as well.

What does a Rob Oldfield day usually consist of?…

Check my emails ie castings etc. I often write, go to the gym, watch DVD’s. Let’s not forget that I don’t earn a full living from my acting ‘yet’ so I have to take work from agencies that I am registered with, mostly communications for products/marketing. But I don’t work full-time: I want to stay flexible for castings and filming.

I hear you’re currently filming ‘Monk3ys’…what can you tell us about this project?

‘Monk3ys’ had just wrapped actually, it was a pretty intense bunch of night shoots in a short space of time – but it’s a pretty exciting film. I have seen a few scenes already and it looks very promising. It will defiantly create a lot of discussion and gain heavy responses. If you have seen ‘Big Brother’ and either love it or hate it, this is worth watching!!!

What else is coming up for you in 2011?

I hope lots of acting! I’ve just sold the rights to a short film I wrote to a company in Cannes, so I am full of creative flow. I have other scripts in mind to be written and will then be doing my best to get them made! Like I intend to do with a feature project I have been writing – ‘ECHO-12’, which is a psychological sci-fi horror film. You can watch the trailer /pilot here: I hope you like it!

Thanks for the interview!


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