A Guy Was Nicked In Sandown, Isle of Wight For Singing Kung Fu Fighting Whilst Chinese People Walked Past…

I saw this article on the front page of The Sun this morning, and my instant reaction to it was – “What?!”

So let me give you the background on the story, before I give my view. Simon Ledger, 34, is a singer. He regularly sings for holidaymakers at various bars around Sandown, Isle of Wight, but in particular one called the Driftwood Beach Bar. He started to sing Kung Fu Fighting, the hit No 1 classic by Carl Douglas in 1974, when, well I’ll let you hear it from his own mouth:

Simon said: “We were performing Kung Fu Fighting, as we do during all our sets. People of all races were loving it..”

“But this lad walking past with his mum called us w*****s and did the hand sign before taking a picture on his mobile phone.”

Later on, Mr Ledger went to a Chinese restaurant – and the cops nicked him for racist abuse.  The police said: “the law is the law and we are doing our duty”. The words – ‘political correctness gone wrong – terribly wrong’ – spring to mind. The guy didn’t attack them, or even say anything racist – he just sung a song which most people know and love to entertain them. Seriously, what has happened to this country? We can hardly say anything now without it being deemed as offensive by another demographic….

Also, what does this mean for holiday entertainers’ set-lists now? Will I not be able to hear Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Beltrand sung by a Redcoat in Butlins – because it offends the French?

I should point out Mr Ledger has foolishly made matters worse since the incident as well – The Sun reports that he’s being released on bail today and has recently wrote on his Facebook: “If the lad who phoned the police is reading this, WHAT IS WONG WITH YOU? Sorry, what is wrong with you?” – honestly, that’s taking it one step too far now. Simon. You just had to throw in that stupid status didn’t you…..

Seriously, I wouldn’t go out at night in Sandown with your guitar if I were you. You’ll probably get lynched.

But seriously – is political correctness just a joke nowadays? Comment below.


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