Jeremy Kyle – What A Waste Of Money!!!!

Jeremy Kyle. I’ve watched it for a year now and I can safely say this – if you’re an advertiser in league with him, get out of the contract now.

It seems to be a never-ending cycle of the same two things on repeat: “Is my boyfriend the father to my baby?” and “Has my boyfriend been cheating on me?”, laced with what could be considered a ‘diverse’ selection of the population, namely chavs. In some respects – you kinda have to feel sorry for them because really they’ve unknowingly set themselves up to look ridiculous on national TV regardless of the outcome – is this really the state of Broken Britain nowadays?

It’s been in the news quite a lot over it’s five year stint on ITV. sometimes due to it’s own controversial nature.  In 2007, a Judge described The Jeremy Kyle Show as trash which existed to “titillate bored members of the public with nothing better to do“. He went on to say “It seems to me that the purpose of this show is to affect a morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people whose lives are in turmoil” and added that it was practically “human bear-baiting“. I personally agree with him.

Of course, we should probably state that Jeremy Kyle himself has a load of what could be considered ‘catchphrases’ that he uses in every show, ranging from – “Let’s see those all important lie-detector results,” to “the DNA test shows that…”. My all time personal favourite one has to be – “am I paying for you?”

“Am I paying for you?” – I feel I should comment here about this particular quote he somehow continually uses. Jezza – in this climate, no-one from 18-24 can get jobs. It’s not their fault – there are just no jobs available. Almost everyday we hear on the news about people being laid off. So – try to help your guests by all means with their alcohol and drug problems, but don’t criticise them for not trying hard enough. I’m still unemployed after 6 months. Have you ever taken your ‘team’ and done a piece on the Job Centre? It’s not fun to sit down in a seat every Friday and tell people what you did in that single week to get work  in order to get £51.85.

I did a bit of research on Jezza in preparation for writing this blog, and I still feel somewhat confused. He isn’t even a licenced psychologist, he’s actually got a background as a radio DJ on stations like Virgin and Leicester Sound. So why is this man, this god that students admire – giving his guests the third degree, when he has no GP or medical qualification to be able to help them out emotionally? HELLO OFCOM!!!

Of course, this was just the start of things. Delving deeper, I found out even more information about him – which to me is both worrying and distressing.

In 2007, his ex-wife sold a story to the Daily Mail stating that Kyle is “asking for trouble. He has a history of gambling and all that goes with it, the lies, the deceit“. If you click the link above, you’ll probably be able to sum up the news story in one sentence within a few minutes – “Oh my god”.

And to shock you even more – if you read further down this particular news story, there is a distinct reference to Jezza having lied to his ex-wife about having a terminal illness. Ironically, he was dealing with a similar situation like this a few days ago on his own show, where a mother had lied to her daughter about having cancer. He described the situation to them both as ‘disgusting‘ and ‘one of the worst things someone could ever do‘. 

What annoys me is that,  although he tries to act like he’s the better person in every single story, (either through fakery or misdirection), he has no moral right to criticise decisions that other people have taken, surely? We never hear about his past directly from him on the show – e.g. “When I was 22, I had a gambling problem and this is how I dealt with it”. It never happens!

In conclusion, I’d like to ask the obvious question that’s been pondering in my mind for the past hour writing this blog – Foxy Bingo, (who have sponsored Kyle for a good amount of time now) – why would you want to sponsor someone who is really no different to any of the guests on his show? 

And more to the point – why are you sponsoring The Jeremy Kyle Show anyway? – I thought the idea of the show was to help people with their problems, not encourage them to gamble on the internet at every ad break.

By the way – Kudos to the guy who threw the envelope at him, some great TV there.

So yeah – ITV – I’m not saying  that the presenter or broadcaster needs to be a non-cheating, law-abiding simple person – but with Jezza’s own background in gambling, lies, deceit, betrayal and even adultery – why should your advertisers pay fees to fund an arse like him? Or is it because you know the conflict and misery he preaches just keeps your daytime stats high?

By the way, I don’t trust Graham either. He’s bald. I think he just throws a ball into a machine that chooses Yes and No for the DNA and Lie Detector results.


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  1. Rob
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 17:44:18

    Right on Matt! You tell it like it is!!


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